Rosanne S.

Dear Kelly Mortgage,  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  You saved me, my condo and the home that's been a part of our family since 1927.  For the last 7 years I focused all of my attention and effort to caring for my aging and ailing mother.  When she passed away in July, I suddenly realized how far behind I was in all of my bills, association dues and mortgage payments.  I had just lost my dear mother and I really thought I would lose everything else in my life.  Where I thought I had no options or choices, Tracy swooped in and came up with a strategy and a plan to keep my condo, pay my bills off and save the family home.  With enough money left over to fix up the condo enough to make it rent-able.  Tracy did all the hard work and now the stress of looming bills is gone.  Again.  Thank you for the personal attention and the months of hard work to get me back on track.  God bless you.

Kimi M.

Tracy is a genuine person who is exceptionally skilled in finding a home for almost every loan.  Her belief in herself and that nothing in life is impossible if you are willing to work for it motto, has made her the success she is today.  With a unique blend of creativity and knowledge, Tracy goes above and beyond her means to place her clients in the best possible rate and terms to suit their current financial needs.



Ron B.

Hi Tracy, I want to thank you guys and gal for doing an outstanding job keeping this finance project going in the right direction with all the struggles we had with the seller and builder. It was a real struggle to the finish and had you not been so professional at doing what you do I would have most likely given up and switched directions.

Again, Thank you very much!